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Root canals preserve teeth after serious decay, cracking, or injury. When you need this type of advanced dental care, it’s important that you can trust a dental practice that understands the intricacies of root canal therapy. At Valle Smiles in Fairfield, California, the skilled provider team specializes in root canal therapy as well as other related procedures like apicoectomy, apexogenesis, and apexification. Call the office or click the online appointment booker now.

Root Canals Q & A

What is a root canal?

Root canal therapy, usually just called a root canal, is a treatment for tooth decay within your tooth. The name comes from the tooth’s root canals, which hold the blood vessels and nerve tissue. The goal of a root canal procedure is tooth preservation rather than extraction. 

Does a root canal hurt?

You receive local tooth anesthesia for a root canal. The anesthetic provides excellent numbing, so you’re not in pain during a root canal procedure. But, if you feel anxious or struggle with dental phobia, Valle Smiles offers sedation dentistry, offering oral or intravenous sedation to help you fully relax during your root canal. 

How does root canal therapy work?

Your Valle Smiles specialist creates a small opening in your tooth crown to access the pulp chamber. After cleaning out your tooth's infected pulp, your specialist cleans the root canals and then enlarges and shapes them. 

Next, your specialist medicates the infected area and fills the root canals with a sterile material. Finally, the tooth opening gets a temporary filling. Long-term, you get a permanent crown that covers your whole tooth and protects it from further damage. 

What if I don't have enough healthy tooth left after a root canal?

In some root canal procedures, the decay or damage might be so extensive that you don't have enough healthy tooth left to support a crown properly. Placing a crown on an unstable tooth can greatly increase the risk of crown failure and eventual tooth loss. 

In this situation, the best solution is often a post and crown. In this treatment, your specialist cements into place a crown buildup made of composite resin or amalgam. A post and crown may also include a small pin to strengthen the tooth. Finally, a crown restores full tooth function. 

What is an apicoectomy?

An apicoectomy is a solution for infections that persist following root canal therapy. In this procedure, your specialist creates an incision to access the base of your tooth, and then treats the infection. You might need a small filling to seal the root canal safely. Then, your specialist stitches gums securely in place and attaches a tooth crown.

What is apexogenesis?

Apexogenesis is a solution that encourages a child's developing tooth to continue root development as infected pulp heals. In this procedure, your child's Valle Smiles specialist applies medication to the tooth's soft tissue to encourage healing. The tooth continues normal growth. The tip of the tooth root, the apex, closes gradually as your child grows, and the pulp heals as this happens.

What is apexification?

Apexification is a solution for infected pulp in children. Because a child's apex is still open, they might need apexification to act as a barrier. In this procedure, your child's Valle Smiles specialist removes infected pulp and places medication at the tooth root to induce development of a calcified barrier that protects the tooth roots. 

Valle Smiles offers comprehensive root canal care, and they're ready to help you. Call the office or book online now.