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1955 W Texas Street, Suite 12, Fairfield, CA 94533
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Posted On: 05/18/2024 Yelp 5 Stars First time in this place what a great service from all the staffs.Very good coordination among all the staffs which made it get it done so fast.If you guys... Sudeep B website Logo Yelp Review
Posted On: 04/10/2024 Yelp 4 Stars Office experience was amazing they were all nice and greeted as soon as I walked in , they took their time to do my X-rays & for my cleaning as well... Selina G website Logo Yelp Review
Posted On: 04/10/2024 Yelp 1 Stars Just an Update, I got a new dentist and she's amazing.. and got everything done. The things Smiles said that was needed, was not . And she couldn't believe... Prieta L website Logo Yelp Review
Posted On: 12/31/1969 Two of my teeth one upper and one lower needed to have caps replaced. I am writing a week after completion on the work from the temporary cap to the final cap. The procedure was done in two sessions since both of the teeth were on the same side of my mouth. The work came out great. I waited a week to see if everything stayed in place before I wrote and so far so good.
Posted On: 12/31/1969 They were able to get me in really fast, and were really patient when my ride wasn't here to take me home (had my wisdom teeth pulled) they were all so nice.
Posted On: 12/31/1969 Thank-you to everyone in the Fairfield office who helped me manifest my much needed dental improvements. I am so pleased with the results! Great job, Everyone!
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Thank you so much. I avoid the dentist at all cost. Everyone made me feel welcomed and very comfortable. I will definitely be returning. Very friendly and experienced staff. Everyone there are very caring and gentle with fast appointment scheduling. I have been to many bad dentists before. I'm so glad I found this place! They also have a discount program if you have no dental insurance! I've already referred 3 people who will be making appointments, I believe one is there as we speak! It was actually FUN going to the dentist! I had no anxiety, no pain, and no problems! Best experience with DDS ever! I had a broken tooth requiring a crown. The process took two appointments - the first appointment I was fitted with a temp crown, the second appt the temp crown was replaced with a permanent. Both appts were great, the dentist and tech were super. My orthodontist is special. She conducts herself with charm and friendliness that are such reassuring traits helping me relax and be fully comfortable in her care. I trust her professional knowledge and skills without reservation. I am so very pleased that she is my orthodontist.