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At Valle Smiles in Fairfield, California, the skilled team of specialists believes that there’s no reason to live with a crooked smile. They offer orthodontic treatments like braces, Invisalign®, and orthodontic appliances, all tailored for your specific needs and goals. Call the office or click the online appointment maker to book your appointment now.

Orthodontics Q & A

What are the different teeth straightening options?

Valle Smiles offers several teeth straightening options, including:

Metal braces

Metal braces are traditional style braces with metal brackets and wires.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces have clear brackets for a less obvious appearance, but they’re generally the same as metal braces otherwise.


Invisalign is a removable aligner system in which you wear custom-made invisible plastic trays on your teeth for 20-22 hours a day. 

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles® is a clear type of braces that, as its name suggests, works in about six months. It’s primarily a cosmetic treatment focusing on the anterior (front) teeth.

Choosing the right teeth straightening option is a highly individual process, and the Valle Smiles team is happy to discuss all the benefits and drawbacks of each option as they pertain to you. All of these options offer reliable results for preteens, adolescents, and adults alike. 

What are orthodontic appliances?

Orthodontic appliances make necessary changes in the mouth when you have issues like crowded teeth, tooth gaps, or missing teeth. Orthodontic appliance options include:

Lower lingual arch

A lower lingual arch prevents lower arch molars from drifting forward. This maintains the space for a child’s other adult lower arch teeth to erupt. Children may need a lower lingual arch if they lose baby teeth too early or if their lower teeth are crowded.

Palatal expander

A palatal expander attaches to the roof of the mouth, where it gradually widens the top tooth arch. This creates room for a child's adult teeth to erupt in the right positions. Usually, a palatal expander is ideal for kids with crowded upper arches.

Multi-spring appliance

A multi-spring appliance can be used in both children and adults. In children, it helps position teeth to make room for adult tooth eruptions. In adults, it can correct minor alignment issues. This type of appliance can work on multiple teeth at once.

Space maintainer

A space maintainer is usually placed in a child who loses their baby teeth before the normal time, such as a child who loses teeth to trauma years before they’d otherwise be lost. The space maintainer holds the space open for adult teeth to come in.


Retainers help keep your teeth in position after braces.

Spring digitalizer

A spring digitalizer helps correct tooth position when one molar is trapped beneath the corner of the one next to it. The appliance attaches to both molars and has a tiny spring in between to keep them next to each other but not overlapping.

Swing lock expander

Swing lock expanders can correct both arch width and arch length, depending on a child’s needs. There are many options in swing lock expanders, and each is custom-made.

Twin block

Twin block is a removable orthodontic appliance that corrects overbite. It helps move the lower jaw forward to gradually balance the jaws. 

Orthodontic appliances are generally quite comfortable because they’re fully customized for the patient.

How long will my orthodontics take?

Orthodontic treatment varies by individual, but it generally takes 18-30 months. 

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